Valiant Men — Courage, Strength and Humilty

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Valiant Men — Courage, Strength and Humilty
Real manhood—what is it? The term macho man transitioned into the English language in 1959 from the Spanish word meaning male animal or tough guy. The term comes with connotations of aggression, violence, and a swaggering superiority to feminism. Although highly promoted and glamorized, the attitudes and behaviors of machismo are, at best, misrepresentations and deviations of real manhood. However, it’s mostly artificial and showy. On the other extreme is the wimp: a weakling, a pansy, and a pushover. These two polar opposites have been played against each other, with the mainstream of men vacillating between the two characterizations in varying degrees. But still left without a healthy, whole, and accurate assessment of true manhood, we turn to the Scriptures to find definitions. Men of valor—Valiant Men—are what we find. These men are not artificial, pretentious, or playboys; they are solid, responsible, caring, and loving. They are men of character. This teaching outlines the Biblically-defined characteristics of the Valiant Man.
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