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Dedicated To The Single Task of Explaining The Truth
In It’s Simplest and Purest Form To All Peoples of The World

“You Shall Know The Truth And
The Truth Shall Make You Free”

Only Truth can be the substance of all wise decision making. One needs to know the facts, the true facts when making financial decisions. How much more important is the truth when making life choices about self, marriage, friendships, education, vocation and eternity.

From ancient documents vetted and verified over centuries, David Johnston brings you these truths put into contemporary terms and comprehensive explanations.

People matter! You matter! You must know the truth… the truth about you, the truth about why you were born, the truth about every aspect that touches your life. We want to tell you the truth no matter how wonderful it is. Not all truth may be comfortable but it has been said that “it is better to be slapped with the truth than to be kissed with a lie.”

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