Truth, of necessity, must be the basis of all wise
decision making for every area of life.

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"

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I wrote this short e-book to give you some practical, helpful and biblically-based insights on how you can work with people who are, well… challenging.

This brief ebook will explain the different spiritual gifts, how they fit in the big picture, the Body of Christ, and how you can discover yours.


Can’t get out to fellowship at a local expression of the body of Christ?
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November is National Veteran and Military Families Month.

For Every Soldier, There Is A Time To Kill, & A Time To Heal

 Coming home from the battlefield doesn’t mean the war is over.
For most Veterans, a new battle begins. The Department of Veterans
Affairs has reported that twenty-two Veterans commit suicide every day.
That’s one every 65 minutes. War Veterans are at very high risk of PTSD
(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Some are plagued with “Survivor’s

After leaving the killing fields, even of a “Just War,”
every soldier needs to heal. The title and the concept of this book, A
Time To Kill & A Time To Heal comes directly from the pages of
ancient manuscripts that have been vetted and verified through
centuries, Ecclesiastes 3:3, the Bible.

This vivid “Gift Book” is
written for Veterans. In it they will discover the way to genuine
healing. Consider gifting this book to someone you know and love or even
a soldier you don’t know personally but he or she has been on duty
guarding your life and freedoms. I think we would all agree it is time
for these soldiers to heal. Will you help them?

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