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Wonderful! May the lord increase his grace on your life. Your teaching is what we need in this present time

YouTube user: wisdom onomheaga

Sound doctrine…teachings like these are not common. God bless you posting this teaching

Francis W.

Awesome teaching. Being studying about the gifts but most of my questions have been answered and some confirming what I’ve been searching for. Appreciate uploading. Keep up the great work. Blessings

Patricia H.

God Bless you for using your gift to edify, equip and encourage the body of Christ awesome teaching. Blessings

Patricia H.

Thank you, I enjoyed this and will go on to watch the next Videos. I was never totally committed to the Gifts, and have never studied them until now! I’ve been a Christian for Decades, fell away, and came back. I feel ashamed for wasting so much time and backsliding, but after repenting truthfully for the 1st time in My Life a year ago, cant get enough of the Word and the learning daily of it. Its NEVER too late to come back, but when you do NEVER let go again. I look forward to using My Gifts now, God gave them to us to use and that’s what we MUST do! God bless you Brother, Great Teaching, its easy to understand.

YouTube user: notdemocratic

This teaching is very rich powerful and really a Holy Ghost revealed and backedup teaching. God bless you Pastor or better said God bless you teacher for this teaching. From the first Part to this last. Im blessed honestly. thank you for uploading this Vid. and obeying the Holyspirit…

Emmanuel D.

Thank You, You have equipped me with this site to edify myself as well as to lead others here to be edified as well as encouraged. Thank You in the name of Jesus.

Thomas S

This is awesome , powerful, God bless you abundantly and grant you more wisdom , you are indeed using your gift.

Nguelemo K.

Wow! What a powerful truth: “It is in discovering your gift and stirring it up, that you will not have fear, but a spirit of love, power, and sound mind” 2 Tim 1:6-7

Jen L

Beautiful — thank you. The Word says to neglect not, but stir up the gifts.. to press in and earnestly pray for the best gifts, each man has several! They edify or build up the body of believers and are also a sign to unbelievers that the Gospel of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ is authentic, signs and wonders follow full Gospel, Jesus said so, until the end of the age, ty Jesus!

Beth H.

Excellent teaching!! Thank you for this. It is really detailed. I use it often.

Scotty B.

For you being part of the body of Christ as I am through faith by hearing the word of the Almighty God, I thank the Lord for this teaching.

Markenz T.

Great teaching. It took me several days to get through all of them and I was struggling between two of the gifts and have prayed about it for several days. This teaching made it clear to me which of the two I am dominate in. Thank you very much!

YouTube user: Jesus Really Does Love You dot com

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