Asian man in green sweater - How to Have Genuine Self Acceptance

How to Have Genuine Self-Acceptance

For various reasons it has become easy to lose track of yourself in our society. This teaching explains the three ways a person can lose their identity, how a person can spend a lifetime trying to prove to others, and themselves, that they really are somebody. What a waste! This teaching explains the basis of…

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What to do when Falsely Accused - Women Judging Each Other

What to Do When Falsely Accused

There is hardly a pain so difficult to bear as being misrepresented or falsely accused. A wrong response can cause escalation. Sometimes the situation can seem irresolvable. While we understand that we are not to allow, ‘our good to be evil spoken of;’ nevertheless, the Scriptures give us five directions that when followed lead on…

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Five Basics Of Discipleship - Two Girls Reading the bible

Five Basics of Discipleship

Everyone is discipled. Young people who go to college are not simply being educated, they are being discipled. Everyone is also a discipler. Others will follow you, your example and your values, be they good or bad. What is involved in ‘Christian Discipleship’? Who has represented the gospel to you? Were they accurate? Acting on…

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How To Handle Trouble

How to Handle Trouble

God has solutions for every kind of trouble. This teaching outlines from Scripture the six causes of trouble with which each of us must learn to deal. This teaching proceeds to outline the Biblical directions for dealing with each of the six kinds of trouble. Trouble is here to stay. How long it stays or…

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Except Ye Become As Little Children

Except Ye Become as Little Children

Jesus was always saying things that cut across the ‘norm.’ He told us we should follow Him in the same way little children follow. This teaching explains the fifteen qualities of children which we should parallel in our following of the Lord. Some children today are not very “childlike” any more. Perhaps because we’ve made…

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Iniquity: When Man Plays God - Man with lightning behind them

Iniquity: When Man Plays God

I didn’t know that I had a secret flaw which, unless dealt with, would cause me major grief and devastation. The subject of iniquity, my secret flaw, is referred to over three hundred times in the Scriptures. In this teaching you will learn what it took me years to learn; how to get deliverance from…

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How To Respond To The Born Again Crisis

How to Respond to the Born Again Crisis

George Barna’s research on “Born Again” Christians is shocking. The statistics are staggering. The “Born Again” Christian movement is in crisis. The greatest hindrance to people becoming “Christian” is the inconsistencies in the lives of those who profess to follow Christ. How shall we respond to the present crisis? This teaching reviews Barna’s facts and…

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How To Have Genuine Christian Fellowship

How to Have Genuine Christian Fellowship

The problem today is not just that many are true to false gods but multitudes are false to the true God. Damnable heresies are now dominant in multitudes of ‘Christian’ churches. Perilous times are here! The Master Himself said, ‘For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders;…

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