The Virtuous Woman


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Throughout history, woman have often been marginalized. Yet this has never been God’s design. In today’s modern society, the woman who seeks to balance career, family, community service, and self fulfillment can find it all a bit overwhelming. This book, following the passages of Scripture found in Proverbs 31, reveals how God can help a woman excel in all of these areas in a productive and peaceful way.

Your Ultimate Life Management System


The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached!

 One could reasonably argue that the inaugural sermon Jesus delivered to a crowd gathered on a hillside in northern Israel, often referred to as the sermon on the mount, may be the most powerful and profound sermon ever preached!

The wisdom, insight, truth and provision that Jesus shared that is chronicled in Matthew’s Gospel (chapters 5-7), is artfully unpacked for you in this rich and meaningful message.

Personal Digital Discipleship

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How to think, feel, and live truthfully

As believers we are called to grow and mature in our faith and understanding of what it means to be followers of Christ. 

Personal Digital Discipleship is a powerful resource you can use to gain insight and understanding, teaching and training in the ways of God and how to effectively live out your Christian life.

This self-guided, 30-session, interactive discipleship course may be just what you need.

Why You Were Born
Small Group Study Starter Kit

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In this ground-breaking 12-session small group study, pastor/author David Johnston provides powerful insight for a life of meaning and significance.

Why are you here on planet earth? When you know why you were born you will have a new appreciation for your true self, have a known purpose in life and know why you matter.
Then, and only then, can you choose a life path, a course of action and eventually a fulfilled life… no disappointments, no pressure to conform to the ideas and expectations of others. You will be free to be you, the real you – the you God intended!


High Value Target


This book will teach you about your value as well as why you absolutely are a target. Evil is fully intent on killing your dreams, stealing your destiny, corrupting your moral intelligence, and demonizing your life. Learn how to spot these attacks and defend yourself.

How You See Yourself


Iniquity is the ancient term for narcissism. It’s what turned a good angel, Lucifer, into the devil. It’s why Jesus was sent… “to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities” (Acts 3:26). As you journey through the pages of this book you will not only identify the problems iniquity imposes upon us, but you will also discover the solutions.


Why You Were Born

When you know why you were born, you will have a new appreciation for your true self, have a known purpose in life, and know why you matter. Then, and only then, can you choose a life path.

Bundle Special

This special bundle includes both Why You Were Born and How You See Yourself.

How To Have Peace in Difficult Times

This powerful book will give you keys to experiencing peace and staying calm no matter what may be happening to you or around you. Pastor Johnston uses Scripture to show how God can bring you true and lasting peace.

A Time To Kill And A Time To Heal

This vivid “Gift Book” is written for Veterans. In it they will discover the way to genuine healing.

A Time To Kill And A Time To Heal
Bulk Orders Available

Bulk Orders are available for “A Time To Kill And A Time To Heal”.  This “Gift Book” is written for Veterans.

Discover Your Spiritual Gift

This brief ebook will explain the different spiritual gifts, how they fit in the big picture, the Body of Christ, and how you can discover yours.


How to Handle Difficult People

Throughout your life you will have to deal with difficult people. I wrote this short ebook to give you some practical insights on how you can work with people who are, well… challenging.

Crush the Hidden Power

We are hindered from being the best version of ourselves, the version God intended. We are prevented by this insidious thing called iniquity.

Confidence Knowing It Will Go Well With You

We all want to know if things will turn out ok for us. We desire assurance that all will be well for us and our loved ones. “Can you know this for sure?” That is the question!

Learning How to Like Yourself


To like you or not like you, that is the question. Your future well-being will hinge on your conclusion.

Words Matter

Peace is a realm that exists in your heart and your mind; one in which chaos is not allowed to enter. Chaos shows itself in a variety of forms: anger, depression, panic, worry, or mistrust. Peace, on the other hand, is the absence of these and any other negative feelings and emotions. So what’s the big deal?

Keys To a Meaningful Life


Do you desire a meaningful life? If so, the information in this ebook should encourage you and help you move toward the fulfillment, peace, and joy that a meaningful life brings!

In this book, we detail five areas where we need to mature as believers in Christ.

The Inaugural Address That Changed the World

Are you living a lackluster life and want more – more meaning, more happiness, more connection?Would you believe the answer has been right under your nose for thousands of years?It’s true! It IS possible to live a joyous life, here and now, and for eternity!For years, author David Johnston has been studying the greatest inaugural address of all time, the Sermon on the Mount.