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How To Have Peace In Difficult Times

Does It Feel Like Your World Is Spinning Out of Control?

We live in turbulent times. Society sometimes seems like it is teetering on the brink of chaos.

Too often we look towards our circumstances to bring us a sense of peace and calm.  Unfortunately, you simply can’t control your surroundings and the events that happen to you.  All too often they are beyond your control.

This powerful book will give you the keys to experiencing peace and staying calm no matter what may be happening to you or around you.

Pastor Johnston uses Scripture to show how God can bring you true and lasting peace.

For example, discover:

  • How your words can not only speak peace to others but to your own heart and mind
  • The secret to cultivating a lasting peace that cannot be shaken when bad things happen
  • The mystical connection between your heart and your mind
  • The authority you have to become a “peacemaker”
  • How to start making better and wiser decisions
  • Beating back anger, resentment, bitterness, and strife

    When everyone around you is leaning into fear, panic, tension, and worry – YOU have the power to walk in peace, even in difficult times.