Coming home from the battlefield doesn't mean the war is over.

For Combat Veterans, a new war begins. The Department of Veteran's Affairs reports

that twenty-two Veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY.


Ecclesiastes says“For everything, there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven.” It starts a list with, “a time to be born and a time to die.” Then comes a remarkable insight “A Time To Kill and A Time To Heal.”

Every Soldier who has had to kill, has to heal. In a just war, a soldier kills the enemy. He then is required to search the dead soldier’s body. Going through his pockets, he discovers a picture of his wife and pictures of his children. And that soldier is haunted for the rest of his life. And we call that PTSD. Loving them means showing them the truth that enables full recovery.

Veterans have demonstrated genuine love for us, “for greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). They have laid down their lives for us. They have stood between us and the chief terrorist, Satan. They have protected our lives from adversaries, incurable perpetrators of evil who are hell-bent on raping, robbing, plundering, killing and kidnapping innocent people. They fought for us. Now we should fight for them. It’s the truth that will set them free.



A Time To Kill and A Time To Heal is a gift book that helps combat veterans heal after the trauma of war. It’s 100 pages magnificently illustrated with specific and compelling truths to help those who have suffered the violence of war come home and prepare for a time of true healing from the true healer.

By reading it yourself, you will appreciate the hell they faced for you. You will understand their long-term exposure to hatred, the psychological beatings they’ve endured, their devastation over the loss of comrades and much much more.

But most of all, you, like them, will know the precise steps to healing, for only God can reach the soul of a Soldier making “old things pass away and all things to become new.”

Consider gifting this book to a combat veteran in your life.


What a pleasure to be able to speak with you Pastor Johnston. You're book was an excellent resource to help myself and I'm sure other veterans who have struggled with the reality of war and all that comes with it. It is quite refreshing to have someone who cares so much about us and gives us hope that we can overcome our fears, anxiety, stress, and guilt. God bless you, sir.
Christopher Alexander
United States Navy
As a Chaplain for 21 years, I never lost a soldier to suicide. The book below is the philosophy I followed for those 21 years. Highly recommend it! I have already introduced to the Chaplains School at Ft. Jackson, SC, our State Representative, Mark Meadows, and other Veteran support groups.
Vernon Smith
Military Chaplain
I received a box of your books which your assistant sent to me and I wanted to give a sincere thank you! As a pastor in the Fort Hood area, as well as the Vice President of the South Central Region of the Fellowship Network, I have numerous opportunities to bless pastors and soldiers with your insightful and purposeful book. As my wife, Martha, has spent the last several years working with PF1, she has met some wonderful pastors. She has spoken highly of you and I look forward to meeting you.
Scott Hoxworth

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