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High Value Target


Are You Valuable?

You are not a copy or a clone but an original, a first edition. There is no one like you. No one can ever take your place. You are so important that God Himself, wants you to be forever. Here’s the understatement of your lifetime, “You have high value.”
 But you need to watch out!
 Evil is fully intent on killing your dreams, stealing your destiny, corrupting your moral intelligence, and demonizing your life. You are a high-value target. Their sights are trained on you.
In High-Value Target you will learn:
  • How to identify the many faces and schemes of the enemies,
  • The early warning signs of enemy activity,
  • About the areas of your life that are prime targets,
  • How to recognize subliminal propaganda tactics,
  • How to protect you and yours,
  • How to employ the God-given war plan to win,
  • How to lead others into conquering ability, and much more.