Digital Discipleship

A Christian Online Journey to Greater Intimacy, Understanding and Fruitfulness

As believers we are called to grow and mature in our faith and understanding of what it means to be followers of Christ.  Certainly being part of a life-giving church is a key component.  But not everyone has access to that.

Digital Discipleship is a powerful resource you can use to gain insight and understanding, teaching and training in the ways of God and how to effectively live out your Christian life.

Digital Discipleship is available in three formats, Digital (via, smaller “bite-sized” lessons (via Udemy), and a Physical Book version that is shipped to you with access to videos included.   See full descriptions below.






If the idea of 30 lessons seems overwhelming to you or if you'd like to study only one aspect of discipleship, we now offer this material in smaller, bite-sized chunks. This material has been broken down into the five key sections (ReBorn, ReThink, ReEmote, RePlan, and ReProduce), but still includes all the videos, notes, and steps of the longer course. And each course is only $19.95! Here's where you can sign up:


A Powerful equipping resource to help you grow in your walk with God.

All living things grow – so how do you grow in your faith, your understanding and experience with God? This incredible 30-session online resource may be the key.

Digital Discipleship allows you to gain essential teaching and insight on not just understanding the Bible, God’s will and God’s ways but how to live out your Christian life with more confidence, commitment, joy and understanding. The sessions in this course include:

Session 1-ReBORN

  • How to Know You Are a Genuine Christian
  • True Repentance
  • Amazing Grace
  • The Danger of Misrepresented Grace
  • Have Iniquity & Narcissism Invaded the Gospel?

Session 4-RePLAN

  • How to Know God’s Purpose for Your Life
  • How To Make Lifelog Resolutions
  • The Rewards of Diligence
  • The Benefits of Developing Convictions
  • Understanding the Seven Ways the Holy Spirit Works in You
  • Called to be a Soldier

Session 2-ReTHINK

  • How to Think Like God
  • Inside the Mind of God
  • Foundations of Healthy Thoughts
  • What Seems Right vs. What is Right
  • How to Have Success
  • What God Does with Our Sie

Session 3-ReEMOTE

  • How to Control Your Emotions
  • How to Properly Control Emotions
  • How to Control Your Imaginations
  • The Joy of Living by Commandments
  • The Logic of Love
  • How to Calmly Face Opposition

Session 5-ReProduce

  • All in to Reach Out
  • How to be Useful and Usable to God
  • The Three Groups of Spiritual Gifts
  • Friendship: The God of Reconciliation
  • How to be a Red Hot Christian
  • Overcoming Objections

Each Session includes: • a 20-45 minute video teaching
• A reproducible resource that summarizes the key teaching points of each lesson
• Application questions to help you more fully embrace and engage with the material.

The online format allows you to fit the teaching into your busy schedule.

Maybe you prefer to go through a session first thing in the morning, or during a lunch break at work, or at home after you’ve put the kids to bed.

The easy-to-use online format allows you to fill your mind and heart with sound Christian teaching whether you’re at home or on the go.

Plus, you can go through this material at your own pace. Do several lessons at a time or just a lesson here and
there when you have the time. It’s up to you.

Perfect for Small Groups....

There’s even a printed study guide you can purchase so that you can use this incredible teaching tool in your small groups.

Perfect for when you're not able to get to church...

Whether you are on vacation or find yourself without a supportive faith community, this Digital Discipleship
resource is a great way to continue learning, growing and experiencing more of God’s faithfulness in your life.