Point number one in this teaching is that “marriage brings suffering”!

Not the kind of thing we are usually told about marriage, is it?

Why? It’s actually God’s first message to both parties about marriage!

Meanwhile men and women all over the world are sold the story that marriage will be a blissful union of happy days. A happily ever after.

The truth is that married people must die to self if their relationship with one another is going to be healthy and strong. 

I once heard a very wise man counsel other men to never speak ill of their wives (and vice versa). He told them both that when they did that they were actually speaking ill of themselves. He saw a married couple just as God does: as one.

When two people bear with one another and grow in patience and grace in their relationship, the result is a deep and abiding love and respect that cannot be destroyed by anything anywhere.

That’s the goal. That picture mirrors our individual relationships with Jesus too. 

Tune in to this session and learn the seven specific instructions God has granted to wives and husbands to teach them about marriage and prepare them to enjoy it. You’ll be glad you did.