Have Iniquity & Narcissism Invaded The Gospel? – with David L. Johnston

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is pure, clean, and holy and yet you might ask if that is what is being preached in America today. That is a great question. Has the message of the Gospel been so altered and manipulated that it is now basically ineffective? The ego or iniquity of ones own belief system shows that mankind thinks that he is above God and able to decide what is right or wrong. Just look around at the “church” and see if it looks like Jesus. Listen to what is being spoken from pulpits. Is it self-promotion or God promotion? The only solution to iniquity is the true Gospel. The true Gospel brings about a fundamental change in our life to turn us from self-exaltation (iniquity) to Jesus as Lord. Only a right response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ produces salvation. When rightly responded to, Jesus comes into our life to bless us and to reign there as Lord.

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