How to Be Sure It Will Go Well With You – with David L. Johnston

Most of us think about our future. In fact, we think about it a lot.

Will we find the love of our life or will we experience relational disaster? Will we live comfortably, or will we struggle? Shall our days be healthy or plagued with sickness? Will our family be at peace or in tumult?

We live in increasingly uncertain times. What is going to happen to us next, and how will we bear up under it?

Underlying all these questions is another question. It’s this one:

Is there anything we can do to be sure that our lives will go well for us? On what can we rely?

This week’s lesson lays the groundwork for having that kind of assurance. Yes, we can face the future with confidence — if we trust in God as our Rock of stability.

Psalm 46:11 says that “the Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.”

Selah means to pause and think calmly about that truth.

All over the Bible, God makes specific promises to His children. If we trust and obey Him, we can live securely, knowing that He is looking out for our well-being. He protects us. His statutes around us build a wall so high that it can keep us safe from evil. God rewards those who seek Him.

It is never too late to choose His ways over our own. God’s transforming power makes all the difference.

Be sure to have your pen and notebook ready for this video teaching.

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