How to Become Morally Intelligent

When we come to a fork in the road, how are we to know which way we should go? 

As we make decisions every day, how can we be sure to discern what is good? 

What’s the bottom line? How are we to find our way in the confused and driven culture we live in? 

Surely God did not go to all this trouble to leave us on our own in these areas. Today’s teaching deals with His answers to these common questions we all share.

And we need godly answers because everyone offers advice on this—especially to the young who are searching out their way.

Young people today are usually encouraged to go to college to prepare for a career and find their answers, but interestingly, academic intelligence alone doesn’t cut it. Many of today’s academics are among the most confused people on the planet, so clearly, a college education does not meet this need.

It’s no surprise that the Bible contains the direction we need. 

This teaching not only defines and outlines moral intelligence but opens the door for grasping its importance as a foundational building block in each of our lives too. These practical steps will provide solid footing so you can properly consider the ideas around you and stand in any situation. Learn to protect your connection with God above all things and grow in Him.


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