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Sometimes we might feel as though we are dancing as fast as we can—and it still isn’t good enough. That’s because pleasing people is exhausting.

You could never satisfy everyone. Everyone has their own agenda, and it is usually focused on pleasing themselves. Some live for their own entertainment; still others to make money and grow powerful; and a very few have an eye on the needs of others—at least once in a while. But none of them are all on the same page.

God is different. In fact, He loves you so much that He has set up a way for you to walk with Him, living in that love. Unlike people, you can please God.

He will be overjoyed with you.

When we get into agreement with God, there is a shift within us that brings us into a joyous and peaceful existence that cannot be found anywhere in the world’s system.

So, what’s the catch?

Is the agreeing with God part challenging? Is pleasing Him difficult? How burdensome can we expect this task to be? What must we do to please God?

There should be no mystery about this process for the believer. There should be no room for the enemy to condemn us. According to the Bible, when we walk with Him our feet stand on solid ground not the edge of a precipice (Psalm 18:19). A life of pleasing God has a myriad of benefits, and God’s Spirit guides us to receive them.

This week’s teaching will give you a sure (and scriptural) grasp of what it means to please God based on a clear understanding of who He is.

May it help you to walk with God in the peace that passes understanding, which is your portion as His child.