Overcoming Iniquity – with David L. Johnston

Here’s a profound truth:

You don’t know what you don’t know!

And what you don’t know can hurt you.

Flaws of which we are unaware can kill us. Like a cancer in our body, they can work their way through us to destroy us.

Our destructive patterns have a root. Would it not make sense to discover that root and then destroy it, so it was no longer operative in our lives? Would it not be helpful to be able to trace how that unknown thing insidiously works its way within our being?

The ways sin and iniquity work are clearly outlined in this teaching. The modern word for iniquity is narcissism. Using many biblical examples, we will learn together how sin and iniquity are interrelated and put forth their tentacles into our lives.

Join David L. Johnston today to learn the difference between sin and iniquity. We will learn to recognize this problem in ourselves, so it is no longer an unknown. We will also see how it affects our behaviors: the first step to ridding ourselves of it.

It is not God’s will that we remain ignorant about iniquity (narcissism). As children of light, He desires that our eyes be opened and our hearts enlightened to this powerful truth.

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