Predictive Prophecy & Government Corruption – with David L. Johnston

Today, like never before, we are facing an incredible level of corruption in our government. It doesn’t matter where you look either. In every level of government, you will find bribery, sexual misconduct, graft, vested interests, blackmail, people peddling their influence for monetary gain, and links to organized crime. We also have revolving door policies set in place that promise high-paying jobs to candidates when their elected terms are up—if they will push legislation through the House of Representatives or the Senate: legislation that benefits those companies.

And that’s just a small list. It seems that nearly everyone is on the take. Everyone has their price.

However, God isn’t in the dark about our present condition. We need to trust the fact that nothing escapes our heavenly Father. He has a viable plan for the future, and He hasn’t lost control.

Too often we are convinced by the Devil that our situation is hopeless.

It is not.

However, the issues are serious. What are the root problems behind government corruption? How does evil work in a person’s heart? Understanding this will help us see the problems we face more clearly.

According to the Word of God, light and the children of light prevail in the end. In the situation we are in today, I hope this teaching not only encourages you, but builds your hope in the Lord of Glory and His power to bring change.

As we trust Him and continue to pray for our leaders, it is important that we are faithful to our individual callings in our communities too. We can make a difference, and we should. Please join me in viewing this video teaching. It contains practical advice on how to be an effective force for good in our culture today.

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