The Most Important Question – with David L. Johnston

Every day I am bombarded with questions. I come up with what I hope are appropriate answers and take the steps I think I should take accordingly.

Some of those questions are trivial:

Should I wear shorts or long pants today? This one is based on the outside temperature where I live. It’s pretty easy to figure out and if I get it wrong, I just go back and change.

Should I go for a walk in the early morning or evening today? Should I paint that room blue or gray or off-white? (I am smart enough to leave that answer for my wife)

And so it goes. Question after question.

But the questions of life get stickier and more complicated over time.

Should I join another organization? Will it become just one more meeting or time-sucking obligation? I have to look ahead a little for that one and judge how it lines up with my goals and those of my family.

Should I buy a car this year or wait longer? Should I go on that diet or try something else? Should I attend that University or a different one? Should I major in English or History? (Math wasn’t an option.)

Should I marry that person? (This is a superbly important question.)

As I grow older, every decision grows in its complexity and eventual consequences.

But, there is one question that trumps all the rest in its importance.

It powerfully influences every other consideration I will ever make.

It’s this one: What do I think about Jesus?

The answer to this question determines much more than I ever imagined it could.

How? Tune into this teaching to learn the far-reaching effects of our response to this all-important question.

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