The Secret To Being Anchored In Peace During Troubled Times

Last Sunday, David L. Johnston shared a message on “The Greatest Symbol of Peace.” After sharing that message, he received this email:

“After viewing this message, I have made the commitment today to choose peace. Tomorrow, God willing, I will practice maintaining peace. Thank you!” Joanne F.

Joanne learned how God intended peace to be a core condition, out of which moral, wise decisions can be made. She discovered peace is a realm where anger, which creates chaos, is not allowed. You won’t find malice, bitterness, anxiety, depression, panic, and discontent in an atmosphere of peace.

“The Greatest Symbol of Peace” reveals the source of true peace, the purpose of peace, and the secret to maintaining the peace of God as an anchor in us. I’m sure you’ll be as blessed as Joanne was in hearing the message. More then ever, we need the peace of God.

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