What Is God’s Plan For You? Discover It Today & Make Your Resolution

A resolution worth keeping should last longer than a year. It should last a lifetime. Keeping resolutions doesn’t seem to be an easy matter, like the guy who said, “My New Year’s Resolution is to break my New Year’s Resolutions. That way, I can at least be successful at something.”

Some resolutions are easy to make, like the following: I think I’ll gain weight this year; I’ll do less reading; I’ll procrastinate more; I’ll try not to be on time so often; I’ll stop exercising. Actually those are not really resolutions.
A resolution is a re-solution, a re-solving. It is to re-solutionize an area of life for the better. And any resolution worth doing is worth doing for a lifetime. It should be a Lifelong Resolution.
Re-solutionizing requires a precise understanding of worthy life-goals. Thus a basis for Lifelong Resolutions must first be understood. In this teaching three specific purposes for life are outlined: what we need to know; what we need to be; and what we need to do. It may surprise you that God, your Creator, intends to give you guidance. “I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps (Jeremiah 10:23).” We need the viewpoint of the One who created us, loves us, and has no conflict of interest.

Some people have a problem with the idea of finding God’s will, usually because it conflicts with some form of self-interest. But in this teaching you will learn that the will of God for your life is exactly what you would choose, If you knew all the facts.

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