Friendship: The Goal of Reconciliation – with David L. Johnston

Have you got a lot of “friends” on social media? Some of us have hundreds, maybe more! How about in your daily life?

In our culture, we use the term friend very loosely. We can “friend” and “unfriend” people at the push of a button.

In popular culture we hear things like this: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Meanwhile L. M. Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables, wrote that “true friends are always together in spirit.” That narrows the field a bit, but is that true?

What does the Bible say about friendship and reconciliation with those that may have been friends at one time?

The video I am sending is the culmination of a series of teachings on restoring broken relationships through reconciliation.

Reconciliation lays the groundwork for true friendship. Our first focus must be reconciliation with God, which makes everything else possible, including the greatest relationship ever: being a Friend of God.

Once we are reconciled with God, He will help us restore broken relationships with others by guiding us through the Biblical directives He has given, so that we can do our part in the restoration process. If we follow the principles outlined in this teaching, friendship may be possible.

It is my hope that this teaching will give you a clearer understanding of biblical friendship as the goal of reconciliation and bring you closer to the Friend who” sticks closer than a brother”, Jesus Christ.

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