Give No Place to The Devil!

You have an enemy, a sworn enemy. He is mean, vicious, cruel, and without scruple. He is intent on your destruction, both in this life and the next. He is your adversary. He is known by a number of names: Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Accuser, the Tempter. He is like a “roaring lion” that goes about “seeking whom he may devour.” He is seeking you – and yours! He would just as soon kill unborn children before they draw their first breath, as having to lurk in their future to trap, ensnare, and take them down. He is a killer, a destroyer, and a thief. And he is after you.

We must not be naive. The greatest disadvantage we have is not knowing this enemy and how to wisely deal with him. You better get started. Don’t take any chances. View this introduction video, then learn how to functionally prevent him from messing with you and yours. And don’t forget – though Satan is against you, God is for you!

For a full detail teaching on this subject please view David Johnston’s teaching “The Present Status of Satan”

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