How To Find The Way To Genuine Peace – with David L. Johnston

Peace is the core condition of Mental Health. Genuine peace, not fake peace. We live in a culture that promotes fake peace; where style is more important than substance and “folly is set in great dignity” according to Ecclesiastes 10:6. The dictionary defines fake as: pretend, artificial, counterfeit, phony, imitation, insincere.

Getting our own way is promoted as the world’s way to peace. In almost every area of life, deception and narcissism seem to be on display. If so many that we encounter are fake and insincere, what then should we do?

The Bible gives us the answer in Exodus 23:2 “You shall not follow a multitude to do evil”.

Instead, God wants us to follow Him and His instructions to show us the way to genuine peace.

God’s peace surpasses natural understanding and will keep our hearts and minds relaxed and confident, even in times of trouble.

In this message, I explain the steps Jesus gives us to achieve this peace He offers.

I talk about how peace is not a feeling or emotion. When you don’t have peace, you’re vulnerable to fear, anger, and perplexity which interferes with your ability to make wise or intelligent decisions. Your peace is very important to God and to you.

Click through the link above to learn the biblical way to overcome threats to your peace of mind and attain genuine and lasting peace with God and others, even in the midst of pandemic times.

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