What It Means To Live Loved – with David L. Johnston

To be loved is the single most important desire of all humanity. From the moment we are born, we seek love. We are blessed if we find it within our family. As we grow, we continue to look for love everywhere we go. It is our primary motivation.

If we are not loved by our parents, it damages us. In our confusion, our search often takes us far away from real love, and we end up being badly hurt…and possibly hurting others too.

Loving and being loved is vital for a happy life.

God is love. His very being is love. He does nothing without love. It is His motivation behind every action.

He blesses us with good things because of His love.

He disciplines us because of His love.

He gives and gives and gives… because of His love.

He never turns away from us—no matter what we do— because of His love.

His Holy Spirit within us directs and empowers our lives, opening our eyes to truth, teaching us which way we should go, filling our hearts with the joy of being in His presence.

His love fills us with peace and contentment, and so much more.

His love grants us the ability to live set apart and above hatred, fear, and despair.

His love is His greatest gift—ever.

Tune into this teaching to learn how to begin to live by the words of Jesus and how to rest in the Father’s love for us.

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