Why You Were Born Small Group Resources

The Why You Were Born Small Group Curriculum follows the teaching from the Why You Were Born book and the Study Guide, divided into 12 sessions. It is intended that your group watch the videos below (one per session), near the beginning of each session in order to allow time for lively discussion to follow. Please see the Facilitator’s Guide for more direction and information.

We have provided the promotion pieces below to make it easy for you to let others know about your small group study.  Note that these promotion pieces can be customized to reflect the specific date, time, and location for your group.


Videos for Each Session

Promoting Your Small Group

On page 11 of the Facilitator’s Guide is an overview of the course. Please download the Word file from this link and customize by adding your name, the course dates, the physical location or virtual platform you will use, and details about how to register or get more information.

You can use the overview as the basis for your church’s promotion materials or send it to your membership as an email. Also you can give it to church leaders to refer to when inviting potential participants and answering their questions.

Additional resources available to you: