The Joy of Living By Commandment - Part 5

The Joy of Living By Commandment – Part 5

Living by commandment is the essence of being a Christian. However, because of the present misguidance of modern Christianity, few realize that the disobedient are not saved. ‘And being made…

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How To Answer Every Question

How to Answer Every Question

The Scriptures indicate that there are three kinds of questions. This teaching explains those three kinds of questions showing how we are to respond to each of them. Six principles…

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Seven Aspects of Genuine Forgiveness - Sad looking African American Male

The Seven Aspects of Forgiveness

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught that if we do not forgive, we are not forgiven. When He finished teaching the disciples He reviewed in detail, this issue. Another whole…

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Acknowledging The Presence of God - Man with his arms in the air

Acknowledging the Presence of God

If God seems far away, guess who moved? Have you ever cried like Job, “Oh that I knew where I might find Him?” Where is God? Is He present? How…

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The Danger of Misrepresented Grace - Man In suit, Cliffhanger

The Danger of Misrepresented Grace

False gospels come from false concepts. If we are wrong about the gospel, we are wrong about everything. All is lost! If we are wrong about ‘grace,’ we will be…

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How To Wisely Deal With Fools - Jester Hat

How to Wisely Deal With Fools

You have already met a lot of fools even though you may not have realized it. This teaching will enable you to recognize a fool. You will learn the 50…

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True Repentance - Cross and Man

True Repentance

The problem today is not just that many are true to false god’s, but multitudes are false to the true God. Damnable heresies are now dominant in multitudes of ‘christian’…

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A Short Course On Angels - A Statue of an Angel

A Short Course on Angels

We understand from the Scriptures that there is life in other parts of the universe. Some of them are made known to us in the Bible. One of those beings…

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Promises From the Secret Place - Man sitting on a lakeside

Promises From the Secret Place

God promises great benefits to those who visit “The Secret Place.” This teaching gives you the information you need to go to “The Secret Place,” spend time there and get…

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Pathway to The Prayer Closet

Pathway to the Prayer Closet

Prayer is not twisting Gods arm to get Him to do our will. In this teaching you will discover the basics of making prayer real. After you grasp these “first…

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Except Ye Become As Little Children

Except Ye Become as Little Children

Jesus was always saying things that cut across the ‘norm.’ He told us we should follow Him in the same way little children follow. This teaching explains the fifteen qualities…

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Iniquity: When Man Plays God - Man with lightning behind them

Iniquity: When Man Plays God

I didn’t know that I had a secret flaw which, unless dealt with, would cause me major grief and devastation. The subject of iniquity, my secret flaw, is referred to…

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How To Be A Red Hot Christian

How to Be a Red Hot Christian

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, how would you rate your dedication to the Lord? Are you the best you can be? Are you simply…

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