How to Be a Friend of God

Everyone knows that Abraham was called ‘the friend of God.’ Few of us, however, have thought we could be friends with God. Jesus made it plain. ‘Henceforth I call you…

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How To Know You Are A Genuine Christian

How to Know You Are a Genuine Christian

The problem today is not just that many are true to false gods but multitudes are false to the true God. Damnable heresies are now dominant in multitudes of ‘christian’…

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How To Be Useful And Usable To God

How to Be Useful and Usable to God

By answering the ten questions posed in this teaching you will discover how usable you are to God and His Kingdom. The Bible responses to these ten questions will guide…

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Give No Place to The Devil!

Give No Place to the Devil!

You have an enemy, a sworn enemy. He is mean, vicious, cruel, and without scruple. He is intent on your destruction, both in this life and the next. He is…

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What A Fool Believes

What a Fool Believes – a Study in Psalm 14

Victims of propaganda never know they are victims. In America, propaganda machines abound. On the basis of propaganda: political candidates win, products are sold, beliefs are controlled, and people are…

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Living Loved

In all of life, in all you do, you are loved. The greatest peril you can face is not realizing this. You may have experienced the lack of love from…

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How To Deal With A Narcissist

How to Deal With a Narcissist

Narcissism is a new name for an old problem. The term originated in Greek mythology where a young hunter, Narcissus, was so fixated with himself that he fell in love…

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