How to End the Contest of Wills – Part 2

Picking up from Part One, this teaching explains eight more differentiations between our will and God’s will. You will be challenged to compare the intellectual and practical differences. This, in…

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Husband and Wife, How To Control Your Emotions

How to Control Your Emotions

Without emotion there will probably be no motion. Emotions can cause devotion, promotion and even locomotion, but if our emotions are out of control, we are out of control. This…

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African American success pose - How to have Success

How to Have Success

There is only one road to success – God’s way. This is a little known secret. God promises that success will be automatic to the person who practices this one…

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Girl Covering Your Mouth, How to tame the untamable tongue

How to Tame the Untamable Tongue

The Scriptures say that “the tongue can no man tame.” However, the Scriptures also reveal a secret that when acted upon will tame the tongue. You will never have to…

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Snake and Apple

How to Overcome Temptation

What is temptation? The dictionary states that it is the act of tempting; enticement or allurement. God does not want you to be a victim but a victor, not weak…

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Fingers in Sand - How to Stop Judging

How to Stop Judging

“Judge Not!” Those are the words of Jesus. On the other hand the Scriptures say, “He that is spiritual judgeth all things.” This teaching explains the difference in the two…

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Cloud Heart - How to Recognize Genuine Love

How to Recognize Genuine Love

When someone says,”I love you” what do they mean? Do you know what they mean? Do they know what they mean? This teaching will resolve the ambiguity. You will know…

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Woman in Sweater with her arms out - True and False Worship

True and False Worship

We have dishonored, disregarded, discarded, ignored, denied, replaced, mocked and preempted God. Then, we take a little trip to church on Sunday, sing a song or two (if the songs…

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Asian Man in Henly Sweater - How to be thankful all the time

How to Be Thankful All the Time

It is a matter of good manners to express thankfulness when you are given a gift or blessed in some other way. However, God expects us to be thankful all…

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