The Joy of Speaking Peacefully – with David L. Johnston

Here’s a surprising statistic:

While 10% of conflicts are due to differences of opinion, 90% are due to a wrong tone of voice!

Our ability to speak peacefully, not only transforms our own life, but has a lasting effect on everyone around us.

The ability to speak peaceably begins in our hearts. The Bible says that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:45)

We must guard our hearts. Whatever we have stored in our heart pours out of our mouths. If there is no peace in our hearts, there will be none coming forth in our speech either. An angry heart pours forth wrath; a bitter one poisons everyone around it; but a peaceful heart creates an atmosphere of blessing and joy.

We are representatives of Jesus, the Prince of Peace; and our love for one another is the proof of the authenticity of our relationship with Him. That means we must have authentic peace in our hearts first, so we reflect Him.

When we speak peaceably, we walk uprightly, and live joyously.

In fact, the effect of choosing Jesus’ path of peace is that we reap the benefits of that choice in at least ten different ways outlined in this teaching. We can walk in God’s power and joy by choosing His peace.

I hope this will encourage your hearts as you choose His peace.

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