Category - Portraits of God


Seven Surprises About God

Surprises! Aren’t they wonderful? Don’t you just think they are great? Well, if you do then you are going to enjoy this teaching about seven of the…Read More…


The Logic of Love – Part 2

Have you ever wondered if love was logical? There is good news if you have. This is where you can learn about the logic of God and what logic is and…Read More…


Jesus! Judge of All Part 2

In this second part of the teaching David L. Johnston continues to explain that judgment has three timings. The amazing thing is that God’s judgments…Read More…


Jesus….Judge of ALL!!

Judgment is not a popular word in our culture. Fitness centers plaster their walls with the words, “Judgment Free Zone” in an effort to help their…Read More…


Jesus, Lord of All

The absence or presence of Jesus affects all persons and all nations. Jesus is Lord, but very few people know this fact. Most people and nations want…Read More…


Jesus….Savior of All!

None of us are living right with God, and all of us are going our own way. Whether we know it or not, we need help. The help we need is God and the…Read More…


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