Category - Abuse Recovery

How To Live Without Contamination

How to Live Without Contamination

There are contaminations of all kinds; chemical, biological, environmental, and moral. Contaminants, by definition, are the presence and influence of…Read More…

How To Stop Self Abuse

How to Stop Self Abuse

What is self-abuse? Thinking thoughts or speaking words or doing actions that cause damage or harm to oneself. This teaching by David L. Johnston…Read More…

The Purposes of Suffering - Upset Man on a Staircase

Why You’re Suffering

Suffering is a fact of life. It has a long arm. No one escapes it. Is God mean? Is He not really in control? Is our pain a mistake? Or does God have…Read More…

What to do when Falsely Accused - Women Judging Each Other

What to Do When Falsely Accused

There is hardly a pain so difficult to bear as being misrepresented or falsely accused. A wrong response can cause escalation. Sometimes the…Read More…


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