5 Steps To Properly Control Emotions

5 Steps to Properly Control Emotions

The Bible has clear instructions on how to control our emotions. Pastor David L. Johnston presents Five Biblical Steps, that when practiced will get you on the right track to…

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How To Properly Respond To Stress

How to Properly Respond to Stress

Stress is everywhere. It’s an inescapable part of life.  It’s also used as a catch-all—an excuse for bad behavior. I had to react the way I did. I was upset.…

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How To Calmly Face Opposition

How to Calmly Face Opposition

What do you do when you are put down? Or hated? Or feel heart pains? Or face fear? Or feel weak? Or feel like running away? What do you do…

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Learn To Live Free From Condemnation

Learn to Live Free From Condemnation

It’s not nice to be degraded or damned. If you live in a situation surround of judgmental-ism, criticism, accusation, or rejection, then you know real pain. You do have an…

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The Joy of Living Without Fear and Torment

Fear is torment. It should be clearly understood that God’s design for life does not include tortuous fear. The Master stated plainly, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let…

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The Principles of Mental Maintenance

After a brief review, this teaching moves you forward in your mental health showing how to have a mind that is not troubled, not shaken, and not deceived. You will…

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How Thankfulness Affects Mental Health

The opposite of being thankful is to be grumbling and complaining. These directly affect mental health in extremely negative ways. In this teaching you will learn the twelve self-destructive dynamics…

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12 Reasons Not to Judge Others

The Scripture is very clear about being judgmental. As Christians we must understand that judging others is not part of the Christian walk. Jesus taught very clearly and made no…

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Ending the Greatest Mental Disorder

Who’s on the throne of your heart? What happens when you get squeezed a little? What comes out of you? Are you devoted to yourself or are you a submitted…

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Living by the Principles of Peace

God wants us to live in peace with all men. That means everyone. Jesus taught us to love everyone—not just the people we like. He said His Father loved all…

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