Asian man in green sweater - How to Have Genuine Self Acceptance

How to Have Genuine Self-Acceptance

For various reasons it has become easy to lose track of yourself in our society. This teaching explains the three ways a person can lose their identity, how a person can spend a lifetime trying to prove to others, and themselves, that they really are somebody. What a waste! This teaching explains the basis of…

Fingers in Sand - How to Stop Judging

How to Stop Judging

“Judge Not!” Those are the words of Jesus. On the other hand the Scriptures say, “He that is spiritual judgeth all things.” This teaching explains the difference in the two types of judging. You will learn the difference between judging and discerning and you will learn the ten Biblical directions that, if heeded, will effectively…

Girl Covering Your Mouth, How to tame the untamable tongue

How to Tame the Untamable Tongue

The Scriptures say that “the tongue can no man tame.” However, the Scriptures also reveal a secret that when acted upon will tame the tongue. You will never have to live in fear of making the biggest speech you will ever live to regret. In less than thirty minutes you will know the secret. Controlling…

How To Answer Every Question

How to Answer Every Question

The Scriptures indicate that there are three kinds of questions. This teaching explains those three kinds of questions showing how we are to respond to each of them. Six principles are then explained which are to guide our answers all the time. The teaching concludes by disclosing the result, the reward of answering God’s way.