What’s So Important About You?

If you went into a bookstore, you would find a hefty section devoted to self-help. (Even small bookstores never neglect space for this.) There you will find books on finding out who you are. What are you good at? What the right job for you? Many contain tests to help a person discover these answers.

We know we are here for a reason Deep in our hearts, we want to fulfil our purpose and reach our full potential. We just aren’t sure what that looks like.

God has deposited a treasure in each one of us. It’s a natural bent within that has nothing to do with our education. It is an embedded natural ability. One of seven listed in the book of Romans, Chapter Twelve. That treasure fits us into God’s Big Picture.

That treasure is priceless.

By learning about the treasure within us, we can begin to grow in a way which truly builds our lives. We are made in God’s image, fathered by God Himself! There is nothing going on that misses His notice. He actually keeps written records about us and much more!

Join me as we discover what’s so very important about you!

How To Live Without Being Unemployed

How to Live Without Being Unemployed

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Understanding Your Self

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