How to Be Sure It Will Go Well With You

Most of us think about our future. In fact, we think about it a lot. Will we find the love of our life or will we experience relational disaster? Will we live comfortably, or will we struggle? Shall our days be healthy or plagued with sickness? Will our family be at peace or in tumult?…

Living by the Principles of Peace

God wants us to live in peace with all men. That means everyone. Jesus taught us to love everyone—not just the people we like. He said His Father loved all people and was not selfishly motivated as we often are. Face it. We want someone to be our friend so we treat them kindly. But…

The Joy of Speaking Peacefully

Here’s a surprising statistic: While 10% of conflicts are due to differences of opinion, 90% are due to a wrong tone of voice! Our ability to speak peacefully, not only transforms our own life, but has a lasting effect on everyone around us. The ability to speak peaceably begins in our hearts. The Bible says…

The ONLY Way To Make AMERICA Great Again!

The Only Way to Make America Great Again!

How do you make America great again? That’s really the question. Does it rely on the president? If we all wear hats, does that help the cause? Does that make America great again? This is video is about how to make America great again – from God’s perspective.

The Power of Genuine Peace

Did you know that genuine peace is a realm in which chaos is not permitted? Think about that! This teaching will help you discover the power that genuine peace generates in and for you as you cooperate with it.

Footsteps to Genuine Peace

Jesus came to provide us with the footsteps to peace, according to Luke 1:79: “To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” Clearly, Jesus has marked a path for us to a peace that doesn’t depend on circumstances. The…

How To Find The Way To Genuine Peace

Peace is the core condition of Mental Health. Genuine peace, not fake peace. We live in a culture that promotes fake peace; where style is more important than substance and “folly is set in great dignity” according to Ecclesiastes 10:6. The dictionary defines fake as: pretend, artificial, counterfeit, phony, imitation, insincere. Getting our own way…

The Greatest Symbol of Peace

Peace on earth and good will toward men is the desire of God. But how does this happen? In this teaching you will learn why peace is exactly what God wants for us, and how this peace is given. You will see the cross as God’s symbol of peace to us.