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Why You Were Born Small Group Study Curriculum Starter Kit


Why You Were Born Small Group Study Starter Kit

Coming July 2022

“There are two important days in your life; the day you were born and the day you find out why!” (Mark Twain)

Why are you here on planet earth? This brand-new curriculum starter kit for small groups will teach you that when you know why you were born, you will have a new appreciation for your true self, have a known purpose in life, and know why you matter. Pre-order now and save $100 on the starter kit! This amazing course will provide you the freedom to be you, the real you – the you God intended!



Coming Fall 2022, this book will teach you about your value as well as why you absolutely are a target. Evil is fully intent on killing your dreams, stealing your destiny, corrupting your moral intelligence, and demonizing your life. Learn how to spot these attacks and defend yourself.