How To Properly Respond To Stress

How to Properly Respond to Stress

Stress is everywhere. It’s an inescapable part of life.  It’s also used as a catch-all—an excuse for bad behavior. I had to react the way I did. I was upset. You have no idea the stress I am under.  (My reaction was the result of my stress. Had to happen that way.) I shouldn’t have…

How To Live Without Contamination

How to Live Without Contamination

There are contaminations of all kinds; chemical, biological, environmental, and moral. Contaminants, by definition, are the presence and influence of unwanted constituents. We face a clear and present danger of world-wide contaminations. However, we also face unclear and present dangers of generation-wide contaminations as well. In this teaching the unclear and present dangers will become…

How To Wisely Respond To Criticism

How to Wisely Respond to Criticism

There is a difference between being critiqued and being criticized. One is positive, the other negative; one is constructive, the other destructive; one is careful, the other is careless; one is intended to lift up, the other to put down. It is not nice to be vilified, defamed, chided, reviled or reproached. Worse yet, is…

The ONLY Way To Make AMERICA Great Again!

The Only Way to Make America Great Again!

How do you make America great again? That’s really the question. Does it rely on the president? If we all wear hats, does that help the cause? Does that make America great again? This is video is about how to make America great again – from God’s perspective.

How To Live Without A Critical Spirit

How to Live Without a Critical Spirit

It very easy to fall prey to being critical of others. At times people justify their criticism, and as a result damage relationships with others. Many don’t understand how to live without a critical spirit, and often they become bitter and judgmental. This teaching by pastor David L. Johnston will empower anyone to live free…

Advice for America

Advice For America

America is looking for advice. However, America is not yielding to the instruction (advice) of the Bible. Therefore calamity is beginning to show itself more evident day after day. A study conducted in 2012 has stunning results. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of American Bible Society to coincide with the release of…