Bible Guidelines for Crisis Management

A long time ago I learned that God is a lot smarter than me. Isaiah 55:9 KJV states: “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” We’re dealing with an unprecedented worldwide crisis. A crisis is defined as a time…


Surviving a Virus

A crisis is a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. It is also a time when difficult but extremely important decisions must be made. This is such a time. The word crisis originates from the Latinized form of the Greek word, ‘krisis,’ which literally means the “turning point in a disease.” A crisis is…


New Years Resolution 2020

Happy New Year! A resolution worth keeping should last longer than a year. It should last a lifetime. Keeping resolutions doesn’t seem to be an easy matter, like the guy who said, “My New Year’s Resolution is to break my New Year’s Resolutions. That way, I can at least be successful at something.” Some resolutions…


How to Live a Guilt Free Life

All of us have experienced guilt in our lives. It can be a very difficult mental and emotional experience. The Bible is clear about how to live without guilt. This teaching by David L. Johnston will help anyone overcome, and live without guilt.

12 Reasons Not to Judge Others

The Scripture is very clear about being judgmental. As Christians we must understand that judging others is not part of the Christian walk. Jesus taught very clearly and made no mistake about the issue, in fact he said “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” — Matthew 7:1 Remember, God is the judge and we…


How Thankfulness Affects Mental Health

The opposite of being thankful is to be grumbling and complaining. These directly affect mental health in extremely negative ways. In this teaching you will learn the twelve self-destructive dynamics of grumbling. However, you will also learn the ten mental health advantages of being a thanks-giver. The teaching concludes with four steps to becoming a…


The Principles of Mental Maintenance

After a brief review, this teaching moves you forward in your mental health showing how to have a mind that is not troubled, not shaken, and not deceived. You will then receive seven principles vital to the maintenance of your mental health.

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