How To Overcome Weariness

Weariness! It is all around us. People are weary. If you want to learn how to overcome weariness then this teaching is for you. You can learn the dangers, the causes, and the solutions to overcoming and recovering from weariness.

How To Stop Worrying

In our day and age, worry has pervaded people’s hearts and minds at a level that seems worse than ever before. Worldwide, society crumbles. Millions of voices with millions of differing opinions are in full cry. No one knows who to believe even in the news. It’s that confused. The Bible actually addresses worry and…


How To Avoid Being Deceived

Deception is a tricky thing because most deceived people do not know that they are deceived. Knowing the truth about God and His Son Jesus Christ is the only real prevention of deception. Deception is rampant in the world today. People think nothing of fraud, cheating or trickery to get what they think that they…


Make America Godly Again!

America was founded on Godly principles as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States proclaimed. The foundation of our freedom was divinely provided. Liberty was the proclamation and it endured until the population started departing from the teaching of Christ and the Bible. Godlessness affects the entire nation. The way back…


God’s Way To Efficiency & Effectiveness

Does efficiency exist in society? Do people want to be efficient today? Do they even care about the amount of time wasted when getting any job done? There is a right way to do things and the Bible has the perfect prescription for efficiency. This teaching reveals the many ways that God’s Word guides us…


What It Takes To Be A Functional Father

The families of America are broken.  We are surrounded by divorce, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicide, and despair. It looks hopeless. Many men have not had a healthy father, so they have no model to follow to even know how to be good fathers. And the foundation of every family is the father.  What’s to be…


The Secrets of Contentment

Many people in the world today are not content. They are not at peace and therefore, not at ease within themselves. Because of this, they live in a state of continual striving and stress and do not have rest for their souls. Constantly struggling, they wonder who they are and why they are here.  This…


God’s Great Agenda For You

Following the teaching on the Seven Surprises About God, this teaching is about the great agenda that God has for you. This agenda is His great love for you, and His desire for you to become Christlike.