Broken Relationships Series

BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS SERIES Do you know someone who is bound in anger? Maybe it’s you. Anger causes escalation between people and has very damaging consequences. When you hold onto anger it can cause destruction in relationships. Anger can be conquered, and recovering from anger is possible if you follow the Biblical steps in this teaching.


Moral Intelligence Series

MORAL INTELLIGENCE SERIES We will learn from Pastor David the far reaching effects of moral intelligence as this teaching leads us into the political arena and how morality directly affects decisions.


How Moral Intelligence Affects Mental Health Series

HOW MORAL INTELLIGENCE AFFECTS MENTAL HEALTH SERIES In these days, our mental health is especially important. Mental health is determined by the source of our thoughts. Mental health affects how we think, feel and act; determines how we handle stress, relate to God and others, and make choices. You will learn how moral intelligence directly…


Jesus Of All Series

JESUS OF ALL SERIES We don’t often think of Jesus as Creator, but He is.  He is Savior and Healer and Friend and Brother and…the Master of the Universe too. Take some time to explore this idea with me today and let Jesus deepen your perspective on who He is. His power is immense and…


DeHectifying Your Life

In the viewing of this teaching you can learn how important it is to guard our hearts and minds. To dehectify (a term that he has coined) is to remove the hectic aspects of life to achieve our life purpose and worthwhile goals.

The Logic Of Love Series

CALLED TO BE A SOLDIER SERIES Have you ever wondered if love was logical? There is good news if you have. This is where you can learn about the logic of God and what logic is and just how logical love is.


Called To Be A Soldier

CALLED TO BE A SOLDIER SERIES For most Christians the thought of being soldiers has never crossed their minds, but the Bible tells us that we are just that. We are to endure hardness as a good soldier and fight the good fight of faith. Our Christian growth requires us to learn about soldiership and…


Speak Up Or Shut Up Series

SPEAK UP OR SHUT UP SERIES In our culture, we applaud the quick-witted person that comes out on top and keeps his feet in any verbal interchange. Conversely, we take little notice to the one that says nothing while dealing with life. We have little regard for the quiet person that is not looking out…


How To Profitably Respond Series

People suffer today because they do not know or believe that they are loved. You need to know just how much you are loved by God and how much He wants a personal relationship with you. In knowing these truths, you can then profitably respond to the suffering of thinking that you are not loved.