African American success pose - How to have Success

How to Have Success

There is only one road to success – God’s way. This is a little known secret. God promises that success will be automatic to the person who practices this one activity. This teaching outlines not only the benefits but specific “how-to’s” as it relates to this activity. This secret can be practiced almost anywhere and…

Husband and Wife, How To Control Your Emotions

How to Control Your Emotions

Without emotion there will probably be no motion. Emotions can cause devotion, promotion and even locomotion, but if our emotions are out of control, we are out of control. This teaching has already set thousands free from emotional bondage’s. Tried and true, the principles taught in this teaching are vital to living in victory all…


How to End the Contest of Wills – Part 1

Will Power! We’ve all got it. It’s an integral part of personhood. However, we soon end up in contests of will, contests between our will and those of others. This teaching identifies twelve potential arenas of contest. The most singularly dramatic contest is between our will and God’s will. Who should win? And why? Ten…