Feeling Forsaken By God

Feeling Forsaken by God – a Study in Psalm 22

At one time or another most of us have felt alone or possibly abandoned. Imagine feeling forsaken by your own Father or someone you love dearly. Jesus in fact felt this way and Psalm 22 describes it vividly. Prophecy is history written in advance. Psalm 22 contains remarkable details of Jesus’ death on the cross.…

Behold His Glory

Behold His Glory – Keeping Christ in Christmas

Christmas is another opportunity to Behold His Glory – the glory of God, the glory of Jesus. But the opposition is intense. Evil forces want to deface Christmas, to emaciate it; because Christmas is about Christ, the attempt is really aimed at destroying Christ. Let’s just have a holiday with no manger, no carols, no…

Trusting Jesus In Times of Trouble

Trusting Jesus in Times of Trouble

Trouble is here to stay! And God, believe it or not, doesn’t mind you having trouble; but He doesn’t want you to have trouble handling the trouble. The most important skill in life that you can develop is How To Handle Trouble. Are you having a good day? We basically evaluate our days as good…

In ALL Things Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

In All Things Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart

Every motive creates a dynamic, an energy that is in keeping with the motive. Attitudes also create dynamics, and so do behaviors. By grumbling, a person sets into motion negative energies that directly affect his or her own thinking, his or her emotions, and his or her point of view. Grumbling is mentally unhealthy and…