Called To Be a Soldier Part 4

Continuing on in our learning about Christian soldiership we learn how to apply our ENA. That is our Embedded Natural Ability which is our gifting from God. In this teaching you will learn the results of the application of soldiership to your ENA and exactly what that means to you.

Called To Be A Soldier Part 2

Being a soldier is to separate oneself from civilian interests and learning to follow commands. Also, one must learn and know about warfare to be ready in an instant if called upon to fight. In learning about war, one must also know the weapons of our warfare and become familiar with those weapons. The weapons…


Called To Be A Soldier Part 1

For most Christians the thought of being soldiers has never crossed their minds, but the Bible tells us that we are just that. We are to endure hardness as a good soldier and fight the good fight of faith. Our Christian growth requires us to learn about soldiership and in this teaching you can learn…


Speak Up or Shut Up Part Two

We learned in the last teaching how and when to be silent. Now it is time to learn the importance of what we say, and when we say it. This teaching will show you when to speak up. Scripture also tells us the right way to speak and why and when to do it.

Speak Up or Shut Up Part One

In our culture, we applaud the quick-witted person that comes out on top and keeps his feet in any verbal interchange. Conversely, we take little notice to the one that says nothing while dealing with life. We have little regard for the quiet person that is not looking out for number one. However, it’s interesting…