How To Stop Self Abuse

How to Stop Self Abuse

What is self-abuse? Thinking thoughts or speaking words or doing actions that cause damage or harm to oneself. This teaching by David L. Johnston covers what to do when one is inflicting mental and emotional abuse on themselves. He also explains in detail how to understand what self abuse really is. With the root structure…

The Four Blessing of Psalm 32

The Four Blessings of Psalm 32

The Four Blessings of Psalm 32. In this teaching Pastor David covers the four crucial, critical, primary, and foundational that everyone needs to know for sure that they know and receive these four foundational blessings found in this Psalm.

15 Great Reasons To praise God

15 Great Reasons to Praise God – a Study in Psalm 33

Throughout the Bible, God’s people are described as happy and blessed—a people who can rejoice in all circumstances. Why? Because we have a personal relationship with God—because we know God. In Him, we have hope and strength. We live in the continual joy of His presence. And nothing can take that joy from us. No trouble can remove His joy…

Praying With A Hear After God

Praying With a Heart After God – a Study in Psalm 17

In this teaching by David L. Johnston we learn about the seventeen aspects of prayer in Psalm Seventeen. Scripture records that David was a man after God’s own heart. His prayers are certainly evidence of this passionate description. The fervency and transparency are examples of being real with God through prayer. David begins with appealing…

What To Do in Troubled Times

What to Do in Troubled Times

There isn’t a person living, who hasn’t had a day of trouble.“Man is born unto trouble”(Job 5:7), and don’t ever think that you will avoid it. What God doesn’t want is for you to have trouble with your trouble. He wants us to know how to handle it. When trouble comes, this is the time…