Prophecy Series

***Part 1 of a 36 part series recorded in 2007. This series is taught by David L. Johnston. Man not only has the ability to destroy the whole planet but we now have people willing to do so. We all must face tomorrow’s uncertainties. Or do we? What if you could know in advance what’s…


Curriculum For Healthy Thinking Series

Curriculum For Healthy Thinking SERIES Very few people think about what they think about. Thus, this lack of mental control can make a person susceptible to varying degrees of mental illness. The question for each of then becomes, “What is a good standard by which we should control our thoughts?” That is what this teaching…


How To End The Contest of Wills Series

Will Power! We’ve all got it. It’s an integral part of personhood. However, we soon end up in contests of will, contests between our will and those of others. This teaching identifies twelve potential arenas of contest. The most singularly dramatic contest is between our will and God’s will. Who should win? And why? Ten…


Drawing From the Wells of Salvation Series

God designed life to be a happy, happy way. However, evils of all descriptions have intruded into our lives from the macro condition of nations in conflict with nations, race against races, all the way down to the micro view, individuals in conflict with one another and even within our selves as evidenced by the…


How To Think Like God Series

This is how to get started thinking like God. Learning and doing these first four steps will set the foundation for the mental health that comes from thinking like God. BTW (By The Way) God has mental health. Do you know that? Do you reverence that? As you proceed through these teaching will develop increasing…


Hindrances to Personal Peace Series

In the viewing of this teaching you can learn how important it is to guard our hearts and minds. To dehectify (a term that he has coined) is to remove the hectic aspects of life to achieve our life purpose and worthwhile goals.

Peace Series

PEACE SERIES Peace on earth and good will toward men is the desire of God. But how does this happen? In this teaching you will learn why peace is exactly what God wants for us, and how this peace is given. You will see the cross as God’s symbol of peace to us.