How to Restore Broken Relationships

God has a way to restore relationships and this is why Jesus came to earth. In this teaching you will learn what reconciliation is and what it does for us. With this knowledge you then learn how to appropriate it yourself, and then be able to give it to others.

Restoring Broken Relationships

How wonderful to find out that God’s focus is on relationships! Through this teaching we can learn the importance of our vertical and horizontal relationships and how restoring them the way that God’s Word says to is both satisfying and freeing.

Jesus….Savior of All!

None of us are living right with God, and all of us are going our own way. Whether we know it or not, we need help. The help we need is God and the only way to get to Him is through the Savior Jesus Christ.

Jesus! Judge of All Part 2

In this second part of the teaching David L. Johnston continues to explain that judgment has three timings. The amazing thing is that God’s judgments are never malicious and their intent is to help us to see that we have gone astray. There are also the final judgments for people. The sinner, the fake Christian…


Jesus….Judge of ALL!!

Judgment is not a popular word in our culture. Fitness centers plaster their walls with the words, “Judgment Free Zone” in an effort to help their patrons relax about their self-image. Counselors talk to their clients every day about having positive self-esteem and a healthy ego.  In America over the last fifty years, a huge…


Jesus, Lord of All

The absence or presence of Jesus affects all persons and all nations. Jesus is Lord, but very few people know this fact. Most people and nations want nothing to do with God and have no fear of Him. The religious church, the secular church is without God and does not even know it. In these…


Jesus, Lover of All!

Corrie ten Boom, the sole survivor of her family from a Nazi German concentration camp, said that God’s love was the greatest reality. She said that when all else had fallen in her life—God’s love stood. For his unfailing love toward those who fear him is as great as the height of the heavens above…


Jesus, Creator of All!

“Ex nihilo!” they proclaim in schools across the world today.  “Out of nothing! The Earth and all that is in it came from nothing. It just happened!” That’s what is commonly taught in the learned institutions of our time. They cannot see beyond the veil, but we can. The Word of God contains a different—and…


Dehectifying Your Life – Part 2

This teaching shows the negative effect not vetting our thoughts and actions has on us. In practical terms it boils down to how much impact we allow others to have on our own self-worth and personal freedom. You will find it quite contemporary as he discusses the media’s number one product for sale. They market…