Learn To Live Free From Condemnation

Learn to Live Free From Condemnation

It’s not nice to be degraded or damned. If you live in a situation surround of judgmental-ism, criticism, accusation, or rejection, then you know real pain. You do have an enemy. When asked why he believed in the Devil, one person responded, “I believe in a big devil because I see so many little devils…

How To Properly Respond To Stress

How to Properly Respond to Stress

S-t-r-e-s-s UG! It’s a destroyer, even a killer. It’s companions are not nice… nervous tension, upset mental equilibrium, emotional overload, headaches, muscle aches, high blood pressure, ulcers, irritability and a whole lot of bad more. What shall we do about stress? In this teaching, one will learn a fundamental character condition that will enable one…

How To Live Without Contamination

How to Live Without Contamination

There are contaminations of all kinds; chemical, biological, environmental, and moral. Contaminants, by definition, are the presence and influence of unwanted constituents. We face a clear and present danger of world-wide contaminations. However, we also face unclear and present dangers of generation-wide contaminations as well. In this teaching the unclear and present dangers will become…