Pathway to The Prayer Closet

Pathway to the Prayer Closet

Prayer is not twisting Gods arm to get Him to do our will. In this teaching you will discover the basics of making prayer real. After you grasp these “first principles,” you will be well on the way to effective time spent in the “Prayer Closet.” What could be more important than an audience with…

Sources of Joy - Child with a smile on her face

Sources of Joy

There are devastating consequences to living a joyless life. The Scriptures explain this, as well as shows us what causes us to lose our joy. The good news is that you can get your joy back again. In this teaching you will learn the 28 sources of joy. You should be so ecstatic, so joyful,…

Five Basics Of Discipleship - Two Girls Reading the bible

Five Basics of Discipleship

Everyone is discipled. Young people who go to college are not simply being educated, they are being discipled. Everyone is also a discipler. Others will follow you, your example and your values, be they good or bad. What is involved in ‘Christian Discipleship’? Who has represented the gospel to you? Were they accurate? Acting on…