Inside the Mind of God

What’s Inside the Mind of God

What is God thinking? How could we ever know the thoughts of the actual Master of the Universe? Imagine what the thinking processes of the Creator of Everything might be like! He probably has 15,000 great ideas before breakfast. Well, there are a few things we know. God has a lot more going on in…

How To Please God

How to Please God

Sometimes we might feel as though we are dancing as fast as we can—and it still isn’t good enough. That’s because pleasing people is exhausting. You could never satisfy everyone. Everyone has their own agenda, and it is usually focused on pleasing themselves. Some live for their own entertainment; still others to make money and…


Developing Moral Intelligence

Moral intelligence must be developed. Do you know this? Morality is the knowledge of moral science, ethical wisdom, and the basis of right personal standards. In this teaching you will learn the about developing moral intelligence and how important true understanding is.

How To Be A Friend Of God

God initiated the first friendship when He met with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. They were refreshed by the presence of the Lord daily. Abraham was called a friend of God. Moses spoke with God face-to face as with a friend. David was a man after God’s own heart, and that’s only…


Healthy Relationships God’s Way

Did you know that you have an owner’s manual to help you restore damaged or broken relationships? The Bible is intended to be God’s instruction manual for our lives. The Word of God instructs us about lots of things. It teaches us about our identity, our Father, and how to get along in the world.…


Friendship: The Goal of Reconciliation

Have you got a lot of “friends” on social media? Some of us have hundreds, maybe more! How about in your daily life? In our culture, we use the term friend very loosely. We can “friend” and “unfriend” people at the push of a button. In popular culture we hear things like this: “Keep your…


Iniquity Is Anti-Christ

Outline Understand God’s intention for man regarding iniquity Four purposes of Calvary Four ways to know what iniquity is Three evidences that iniquity is anti-christ Two reasons there is danger in the false gospels How to recognize iniquity How to know the extent of iniquity How iniquity affects behaviors How Jesus is the solution to…