Dehectifying Your Life….Part 1

In the viewing of this teaching you can learn how important it is to guard our hearts and minds. To dehectify (a term that he has coined) is to remove the hectic aspects of life to achieve our life purpose and worthwhile goals.

The Logic of Love – Part 4

You have heard it said that “love is blind”. How about thinking that love is not blind but sees right through a person and loves them anyway? This is part of learning about the logic of love and how love sets the proper standards for all behaviors.

The Logic of Love Part 3

In this part of The Logic of Love, we can learn of the elements involved in this logic. We will also learn how to properly love as defined by God in His Word.

Called To Be a Soldier Part 4

Continuing on in our learning about Christian soldiership we learn how to apply our ENA. That is our Embedded Natural Ability which is our gifting from God. In this teaching you will learn the results of the application of soldiership to your ENA and exactly what that means to you.