How to Respond to Suffering – Sickness & Disease

There is much suffering in the world today and there are so many kinds of suffering. We choose how we respond to suffering. This teaching will show you how to profitably respond to the suffering of sickness and disease through prevention and the steps to recovery.

How to Respond to Suffering

People suffer today because they do not know or believe that they are loved. You need to know just how much you are loved by God and how much He wants a personal relationship with you. In knowing these truths, you can then profitably respond to the suffering of thinking that you are not loved.

Broken Relationships: Recovering From Anger – Part A

Do you know someone who is bound in anger? Maybe it’s you. Anger causes escalation between people and has very damaging consequences. When you hold onto anger it can cause destruction in relationships. Anger can be conquered, and recovering from anger is possible if you follow the Biblical steps in this teaching.